Monday, November 24, 2014

Haile Babamo school

This is the fundraiser that I haven't said much about but I am very passionate about.  Teamed up with the Althoff family, we've raised over half of our $10,000 goal. But I'm here to say that it's not because of me. Dear friends, could you give $5, $10, a thousand dollars or somewhere in between to this precious project?  Meghan, from Roots Ethiopia, will be there next week and I'd love for her to have good news for those at the Haile Babamo school. 

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Haile Babamo Junior School Support Project

Supporting Excellence in the Haile Babamo Junior School in Hosanna Town
Haile Babamo school was established in 1943 with primary school from grade 1-4. With community contribution and governmental funds, it has expanded to junior school. The school is located in an area where poor people from the city and poor farmers live. According to the 2014 roster, the school provides service to 1553 students (54% female). There are a total of 41teachers of varying educational levels and there is an average of 60 students in each classroom. 
The school has many strengths and, despite its lack of adequate funding, the poverty status of the students, and the high student teacher ratio, it has flourished into one of the best schools in the region. Still, there are acute needs at the school to keep it thriving. The Althoff family in Vermont and the Buitenwerf family in Iowa have decided to work with Roots Ethiopia, through their partnership with MKC church in Ethiopia to establish a goal of raising $10,000 to support the over 1500 children of Haile Babamo school now and in the future.
One of the most beautiful aspects of working with Roots, Ethiopia is that they partner with local workers in the community that is being supported. All construction work will be done locally to benefit local craftsmen and to stimulate the local economy. All of Roots Ethiopia's projects are done with this same keen eye toward keeping assets working in the community.
Goal of the project: To improve the educational environment of Haile Babamo Junior School in Hosanna town, SNNPR, Ethiopia
Objectives of the proposal: Improving and maintaining the school performance of Haile Babamo Junior School through provision of basic education, improvement of sanitation and infrastruture, and supply of basic school materials over the next year
 Expected Outcomes/Results:
  • Highly vulnerable children and orphans will be enrolled in sponsorship programs
  • Sanitation will be improved by building a toilet and upgrading the water supply
  • Major shortages of the school will be met
  • The teaching and learning process will continue smoothly
  • Student results will be improved
  • The number of drop outs will be reduced
  • The school will have uniforms in two years by mobilizing resource externally and locally
  • Students talented in sports will be supported and encouraged
Want more information about Roots Ethiopia and what they are doing to break down the barriers to education in Ethiopia?
Their white paper on education:

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