Monday, September 15, 2014


"Hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord" is found multiples times in the bible in the story of Jesus's triumphal entry into the city. I love this piece of history and sometimes get lost in the thought of what it looked like, sounded like. I wonder what the bystanders were thinking as Jesus's followers untied the colt and led it away. I have so much curiosity about this scene as it unfolded. But today I'm particularly thinking of the people shouting "Hosanna". Stick with me a few minutes and you'll hear why this is applicable to my journey4hope blog. 

According to, hosanna is an exclamation - originally an appeal to God for deliverance, used in praise of God or Christ. I love this definition because it makes me smile as i think of this small town in Ethiopia called Hosanna. Located in southwest Ethiopia, Hosanna is home to a school called Haile Babamo. This school is located where the poor people from the city and poor farmers live. Many of the 1,500 students are involved in labor to support their school and basic needs. But when in school rather than working, an average of 60 students per classroom can be found excelling in their education. In Ethiopia, even a primary education is an opportunity they appreciate. 

I could continue on about the strength of the school and the limitations they face, or the opportunities the school is looking at, and I'll flesh that out another day. But what I'm super excited about is getting involved with the current needs of the school. If you pay any attention to my blog, you know I've been very quiet about Ethiopia. After pursuing two girls for adoption and being told we weren't a good fit, i needed a break. There was no doubt my heart is connected to Ethiopia but i was surprised by the closed door and unsure of how to move forward. 

Three weeks ago, Ryan and I agreed to partner with another family to raise the necessary funds through Roots Ethiopia to keep the Haile Babamo school moving forward. I'm beyond excited about this project. The model and the specific budget items and activities line up really well with some core beliefs and interests i have. Watch for the next post where i share a little more about this specific project and how you can be involved....

In the meantime, I'll continue to shout Hosanna and appeal to God for this project and the specific needs laid out for it.