Sunday, November 4, 2012


Meet Konjit

She is another of my little friends from Shanto.  I met her on my first trip there.  Konjit has a twin sister who's also receiving assistance from FOVC-Ethiopia.  Each time I saw the girls they were mostly quiet and stand-off-ish.  But it wasn't always that way. 

Meet Konjit after she warms up to you:
She's one of the twins with matching glasses.  If I can tell them apart correctly, Worknesh is on the left and Konjit is on the right. These bright eyed little girls would light up a room.  Konjit is currently in first grade which makes me think that she's learned to read and write.   Konjit's sister is sponsored.  I can just picture her reading your sponsorship letter.  In fact, I would love to take a picture of Konjit reading your sponsorship letter when I travel in March.  Would you consider sponsoring Konjit?  Together, they can receive nutrition and education that will last them a life time. 

Sponsoring a child through can be life-changing for $34/month (or $408 per year).  To sponsor Konjit, click here.  To view other children who are also in need of a sponsor, click here

The other day I shared with you about sweet Hana who many of us loved as our own.  My friend's little daughter, Megan, decided to sponsor Hana.  I just wanted to share with you that Megan quickly started to put together a letter for Hana so that they could get to know each other better.  Tonight, I was chatting with Megan's mom who shared their creative idea for being able to sponsor Hana.  Megan's mom has a photography business.  Together Megan and her mom have included Megan's classmates on this project - of knowing Hana and getting her sponsored.  Sounds like M's momma will be taking a cute class picture with a quote or verse on it, then selling it to the class moms for $10.  The proceeds will support Hana.  With just 40 pictures sold, Hana's whole year will be sponsored.  It doesn't have to be photography, maybe you can rake leaves, cut wood, bring in your neighbors mail each day, etc.  Don't want to earn $408 raking leaves?  How about getting your office together to sponsor a child, or two?

There are 90 kids in Shanto's carepoint that need sponsored.   Will you help?

Friday, November 2, 2012


This is Hana:

We met Hana on our first trip to Shanto in June 2011.  While Ryan was working cattle, she appeared and proceeded to not let go of Bev.  They brought her back to the FOVC campus and everyone immediately fell in love with little Hana.  She's a gem!  But she was also really struggling from some health issues including Hep B and malnutrition.  Hana got to join the FOVC family that day along with her siblings.  She was treated for Hep B, began receiving a meal each day, and started school.

When I returned to Ethiopia in October, she was still well loved.  In fact, I got to see a little more of her attitude.  No more the quiet little thing, Hana was growing and doing well.  She was the center of attention and knew it.  She was quite surprised in October when she didn't get spoiled rotten by us!

Hana is one of many faces I look forward to seeing when I return to Shanto.  When I saw this picture on the Hope Chest Shanto site, it broke my heart.

Gone is her sweet smile, her ringlet hair, and her bright sparkle in her eye.  Hana is need of someone to sponsor her.  When you sponsor Hana, you commit monthly support and ongoing encouragement through prayer, letter writing, and relationship.  You can even go on a sponsor trip where you can meet her and get to know this gem of a child.

Would you consider sponsoring Hana?  It's $34 per month.  You can sign up here through

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I just got off the phone with Wil at Hope Chest.  The Vision trip planned for December is postponed.   I'm certainly bummed about not being able to go but I'm thankful for the wise decision making on their part.  It's been a year since I've been in Ethiopia and I am so looking forward to getting back there.  Hopefully the March trip works out!
In the mean time, I should be getting a better idea of development plans for Shanto in the next few weeks.  I'm looking forward to how Hope Chest will help Shanto become self-sustaining.  I'm also looking forward to how you might be willing to partner with Hope Chest in one of the development areas or by sponsoring a child.