Sunday, October 28, 2012

it's okay

I'm getting excited for Ethiopia.  At the same time, a commitment to serve in Ethiopia is difficult.  It was my plan for us to return to California as a family in 2013, 5 years after our last family trip.  I was hoping for a long weekend getaway with Ryan.  Those are things we can't make happen when we're invested in Ethiopia.  I spoke to my dad tonight.  He's coming out to visit for Christmas.  I'm so thankful.  It's been over a year since he's seen the kids and since we're not getting out there, I'm so thankful he's coming out here.  It stinks that my kids don't really know their cousins and other family in California.  It's sad that I can't sit at my grandma's bed side when she falls and breaks her hip and has surgery like last week.  In that sadness, I continue to thank God for choosing us to play a small part in Ethiopia.  In that sadness, I continue to ask God to use us to be the hands and feet as we seek to serve the widows and the orphans.  

This week is the first team conference call.  I'm looking forward to meeting the others over the phone and hearing a little more about what we're doing.  I don't yet know a lot of specifics on the schedule, locations, etc.  In the next 4 weeks life will be busy, both of our work environments will get busier and more hectic, holidays will be on the door step, followed by dermatologist appointments (for my itching skin) and then leaving for Ethiopia.  I'm trying to be well rested... we'll see how that goes in the coming 4 weeks.

Monday, October 8, 2012


With today being a federal holiday, I'm trying to catch up on a few things at home.  One of those things relates to my love for Ethiopia.  I've mostly filled out my application to do a visioning trip with Children's Hope Chest December 1-8.  I need to dig out my passport, knock the dust off it and grab some info that needs to go on my application.  I'm super excited to see how Hope Chest works and functions.  To see how the developmental side of things works in carepoints that are in various stages.  I'm excited to meet the staff - both the local Ethiopians and those travelling.

I haven't written much about the transition from FOVC in the US to Hope Chest.  For those of you who are curious, there's a couple reasons for the transfer.  FOVC in Ethiopia exists.  Desalegn and his staff continue to work diligently to provide for the needs of the locals.  The reach, and therefore the impact, of FOVC will increase with the partnership with Hope Chest.  Check out this picture:

Taken at Shanto. June 2011.
See Rick with those cute little kids?  It's such a joy to love on and support those children.  But it's heart-breaking to see the kids in the background.  The ones on the other side of the fence.  The ones who are in desperate need.  The ones that are hungry.  The difference between the kids snuggled around Rick and the kids outside the FOVC campus is fortune.  FOVC can only spread it's resources so far.  They aren't able to reach all the kids like this one

Partnering with Hope Chest is going to change some of that.  Hope Chest has gone in and studied the needs and written a developmental plan for the WHOLE town of Shanto.  I'm excited.  That includes adding a bunch more children to the sponsorship program (See Ingrid's blog for more info on that).  It will also include  agriculture programs as part of the development program.  I'm excited to see how God might continue to use Ryan and I in this journey.

Now back to that application...