Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Let the homestudy begin... Kathy is meeting with us tomorrow night regarding our homestudy. I'm excited although I'm a little nuts because my house is not at all ready for guests, let alone the homestudy person! I guess she'll see the real me if I don't get it cleaned after the two other things I have going on tonight.

That reminds me, I should send my contract in for our homestudy... I bet they'd appreciate that.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I knew we were getting some much needed time away as a family. What I didn't know is that the resort the drug company took us to was African themed. I was amazed at all the African decorations, historical info, etc. As we left supper on Wednesday night, we took the skywalk back. Instead of the leisurly walk with the kids, I spent some time reading all that was on the wall. Forget the view of the outdoors, I was looking at African history and tribal information. I took pictures of each symbol and their meaning until I realized there was more. The second half, I only took pictures that I thought would be relevant to our child's culture and history later on.
As I walked through the resort, it was this constant reminder that I told God I would love a child in need in His name. thank you Lord for being there.

Orphan Problem, what are you doing?

From Anita's blog:
“If only 14 % of the world’s Christians adopted 1 orphaned child, the world’s orphan population would disappear. Disappear! Imagine. The Lord calls us to care for orphans over 40 times in the bible. Now, I am not saying that every Christian family is called to adopt. But every Christian family IS called to care for the orphans of this world. What can you do? Giving financially is certainly beneficial, but what about your time? Do you have time to write to an orphaned child—just to let them know that someone in this world loves them? Do you have the resources to visit an orphanage and spend time simply loving the children? Do you have the financial ability to assist another family with adopting a child? Or might there be an empty place at your table?”