Ethiopia and Me

If only it was that simple, right?  If you read through my blog you'll find that I left part of my heart in Ethiopia on my first trip there.  I prayed and asked God to use me to "help" in some fashion as we traveled through the country-side and the many crops and conservation issues jumped out at me.  I continued to pray about that after we came home and eventually connected with a US-based non-profit.  While partnering with FOVC-US, Ryan was working with livestock and I worked with widows and crops.  Because of what we've seen and learned in our experiences, Ryan and I have chosen to partner long term in Ethiopia.  Eventually, we transitioned our partnership to Children's Hope Chest.  We believe in what they're doing.  We hope that as you read words on this blog and interact with us that you too will support FOVC-Ethiopia through our partnership with Hope Chest.  You can read more about Children's Hope Chest in Shanto here: