updated 3/4/12
49 pieces left.  Thank you to a dear friend who purchased 50 tickets.  I really need to figure out those all blue pieces.

updated 2/28/12   
99 pieces left.  One-third of the ticket money goes towards my travel expenses, and 2/3 goes to an FOVC project... I better go and start putting puzzle pieces together.

update 11/26/11
Hi friends, just stopping in to update this page. 
Check out this picture:

We have sold 234 tickets so far.  Thanks to those who've bought any where from 3 to 150 tickets!  I'm so thankul for each of you.  But, the fact is that there are 170 puzzle pieces left.  By purchasing these tickets, you can help me raise ~$800 for famine relief.  While I've been to Ethiopia and back for that trip, the famine is still going on.  And that $800 would do two things: 1. Feed 60 kids for one month and 2. allow me to finish this puzzle and get it off my dining room table.  So, please, please consider buying 3 pieces for $21.  It would be a great end of the year giving.  Or even a great stocking stuffer or gift to a co-worker to buy the pieces in their name.  Thanks friends, Tamara B.

update 10-14-11: As of today, we've sold ~230 puzzle pieces.  I need to get the newly sold pieces together and show you guys all that you've done.  We're half way there friends and have more pieces to sell.  Thanks everyone for your encouragement and participation!!!

First of all, thank you to Tamara B for allowing me to guest post on her blog today. My name is Megan. Tamara and I have been long time adoption buddies! Judah and my son were born in the same area of Ethiopia, and it has been a blessing to have her as a friend. I am here to support her and FOVC's efforts to feed local communities in Southern Ethiopia.

As many of you know, Tamara had been asked to return to Ethiopia because of the drought/famine issues. Her personal expenses are ~$2500 this trip, which is just 4 months after her last trip. This wasn't a "planned" trip in that she wasn't planning on going 4 months later but is going because of the drought/famine issues. She has been blessed in that she can get the time off of work but then there is the obstacle of the money. She hoped to raise funds for the Feed Hope relief project but could also use some help funding her travel.

A little more about the trip (and I am sure you will hear more from Tamara), the Feed Hope relief project is raising funds to feed the local communities for 4 months of the famine. This late October trip will be a small team of 4 (which makes it more expensive per individual). Two of the team will focus on food delivery and medical. Joe and Tamara will focus on crops training - specifically on growing drops during drought. Wow, what a long term impact Tamara will be having on these communities. It is not just immediate relief, but what she is doing will help to insure the communities will be ready for the next drought!

I began to dream of how Tamara could donate to FOVC and also fund her trip. I am not the most creative or experienced fundraiser, but I came up with a little idea.

A puzzle fundraiser! Here's how it will work. I made a 504 piece puzzle, out of the Feed Hope Logo. We are asking folks (YOU) to sponsor pieces of the puzzle. Each piece will cost $7. I am asking each donor will sponsor 3 pieces of the puzzle, so a $21 donation. Yes, 3 pieces! The $7 from one piece will go to Tamara's travel fund, and $14 from the other two pieces will go to FOVC's Feed Hope relief project!!!! When you sponsor a piece of the puzzle, we will write your name on the back, and then start piecing the puzzle together. With your help, we will complete the puzzle before Tamara leaves for her trip! Each piece of the puzzle will literally help complete the Feed Hope logo, and also help build the relief effort!!!!

This is Tamara's wish...to fund part of her own trip AND donate to Feed Hope!!! Let's help her fulfill her dream!!!!

How do you sponsor 3 pieces (or more!)? Funds can be donated directly to FOVC - checks written to FOVC at 1428 Venice Ln., Longmont CO 80503. Please put a sticky note (NOT the memo line) identifying that it's for Tamara's puzzle fundraiser so they will know where to allocate the funds!

THANK YOU so much for considering helping Tamara in her efforts. We hope to have the 500 piece puzzle completed by this time next month!!!! This will raise $3,528!!!!! About the $1176 towards Tamara's travels and $2352 to Feed Hope!!!!! We will keep you updated on the progress! I know many of you are stretched this right now, and $21 is a lot to ask, so we are so thankful for your sacrifice.

Again...here are the steps...
1) Send a $21 (or more) check to FOVC with a sticky note that reads "Tamara". This will sponsor 3 pieces of the puzzle which funds Tamara's travels and Feed Hope.
One step, pretty simple huh??? If you want extra credit, here ya go:
2.) Tell your friends via your blog, facebook, twitter, letters to your old Aunt Sally about FOVC's Feed Hope Relief project

Thanks again friends,